I have for sale my Plam Pre (Sprint). It is in good condition, has a good slider and screen - has never given me any problems, guess I was one of the lucky "early" adopters.

The only condition problem is the small area of trim on the top left of the phone behind the screen (when slider is open). The phone slipped from my shoulder/face one time while at my desk and landed on this corner (landed on the desktop... it fell maybe 1.5 feet). The slider was open when it fell, so this ridge of plastic broke (a small half-moon shape is missing). This is hardly noticeable and in no way impacts the use/look of the phone.

I liked this phone so much that I got a Pre Plus when moving to verizon (coverage issues in my area with sprint).

USB Cable
Factory palm earbuds
Factory "case" (never used)
I will install a fresh copy of WebOS or 1.4.0 (via WebOS Dr.) so it is ready for use when you pull it from the box.

Asking $175.00 shipped via USPS anywhere in the Continental US. Paypal preferred. PM or e-mail Me if interested.

Will add photos (this evening) if desired.