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    Have moved to a Verizon Pre Plus.

    This is just 3 months old. I had it replaced then and I am pretty happy with its build quality. Little if any Oreo effect. Screen is pristine.

    Complete with Box. Will include a Phantomskinz front cover, Touchstone backcover, and a Brookstone in-ear headset with mic. ($60 added value)

    For $175. Shipped. PM Me. Paypal.

    Still accept trades for a Pixi Plus too. PM me your prices too.
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    I am attaching a picture. Thanks.
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    Last price offer of $175. Has to go this weekend. If still unsold will post it on ebay. Need the cash. The Verizon bill is coming up and we all know how expensive thats gonna be
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    Hey well even if you didn't get any body interested in your deal, i appreciate you going throw the family first (precentral) rather then letting a good deal going throw to some stranger. i hope it sell quick for you on ebay.
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    thanks man.
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    item sold.

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