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    Hey, check this out.

    #1 Target has Neos for $99. You can get them at the stores too..

    compusa has the sprint/Kyocera 6035 for USD$80. and then, if I read my sunday advert correctly, there's a USD$150 rebate after that. So even if you don't use the phone, it's still a POS3.5 device that they're paying you $70 to take off their hands. Yeah the form factor isn't the greatest, but as far as tradeoffs go, it's not too bad. I'm actually thinking about it myself.

    is it just me, or are these things getting really, really cheap?
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    whoops, my bad. The extra $150 is given to you only upon activation of a NEW sprintpcs phone Number. So if youjust want the pda it's $80. I guess I'll keep my VDX and Samsung phone and muddle through...
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    That is an extremely good price for the Neo...though I am not suprised. Best Buy has had these on sale for drastic amounts a couple of weeks ago, including a $75 BB Gift Card w/ a $169 Visor Neo purchase, and the two weeks after that, they were giving away a free Neo with the purchase of a cellphone and AT&T Service plan...

    For the Kyocera...that is the lowest I have seen it, recently it has been around $99 w/ various rebates. This again is not suprising as the device is getting old, and Kyocera is rumored to be making a successor to it (a cool one, at that...)...look here (second set of pictures)
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    Now that is one sexy looking phone. Organizer. Whatever. And, if it goes with the Sprint network, I may have found my new lust techo object.

    ((smack) "bad Handspring customer! Bad! Stay! Buy a Treo!")

    Actually, if the choice is between the Atlanta (a name I like much better than the 270) and this little puppy, well then, this is what competition is all about, ain't it? Whahoo!

    Of course, if my phone would just break down in October sometime; and if I were to find an extra $500 laying around; and if my wife didn't decide to spend that $ on a new fridge; why then, life would be wonderful!
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