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    I have the Sprint Pre, leather case and Touchstone for sale as a bundle. I'm looking for $220 for the lot plus shipping and we can go any route you want for shipping. The Pre has one scratch or crack, not real sure what to call this, on the bottom right corner. This is not on the screen surface but literally the corner and is circled in red in a picture attached. This is why the full set is only $220.

    The ESN is clean. It was my personal phone until I moved to VZW. I will supply the ESN if you're interested in purchase. Paypal only and we wait until the money clears before shipping.

    If this profile doesn't have enough posts for someone to feel safe I have bushd at SprintUsers, bushd at Crackberry, and used to have bushd at 3GUpload before they became a mess.
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    willing to sell the touchstone alone? pm me for price

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