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    I have 2 Palm Pres and I have a question reguarding the ESN. I'm sure it's a serial number for stolen phones or something.

    Here is the question: Pre # 1 is a phone I upgraded to a Hero. I'm sure there is no problem with the ESN as I upgraded thru Sprint and kept the old (Pre) phone. Pre #2 is a phone that I reported lost, turned it in to the insurance, paid $100 for the replacement, and of course 2 months later found under the driver's seat of my car.

    Does Pre #2 have a "clean" ESN number? Can someone else have this phone in service?

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    I had the same problem. According to the terms of having your phone replaced for $100, if you find the missing phone, you are legally required to send it back in to asurion. It is no longer your property. I know, it sucks.
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    oh, and the phone can no longer be activated.
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    Good first two posts jab219. 100% accurate on your replies.

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