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    hi there!

    my palm pre's screen front faceplate chipped off near the power button on top and it has become a hazard.
    I will buy ANY palm pre plus so long as the screen faceplate isn't busted. In fact you can even send just the faceplate if you wanna save on shipping. Please send inquiries and offers to sweebez <at> gmail [dot] com and I will get right back to you.
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    Look around I am sure you can find the face place new some were. I know weeks after sprints pre was out I saw them.
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    Try here they have the normal version.. might wanna call and find out when they will get the plus version....

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    Yeah, I'm looking on here and craigslist and ebay and so far no luck. Any verizon customers out there with a broken palm pre plus?

    UPDATE: @helidos Sweet link there! I'm gonna try them. Thanks so much!

    UPDATE: I just spoke with them now and they said that I should call again this monday and they'll hear from their vendor when they shoudl be expecting the palm pre plus parts
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    You can try sometimes they have broken smart phones.

    Good Luck

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