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    As someone who has sold stuff and bid for stuff on eBay, I always try to post a real image of whats for sale. Whenever I post something I always make note to take a picture of the actual product I am selling rather than using pictures from the website or another auction. This shows the potential bidder that a) the product actually exists and b) what kind of condition the product is in. So if the box is sealed, show a picture of the intact seal, if the box is open, show a picture of the box with all the contents spread out. From my experience this shows seller confidence and therefor more people bid on the items. I know it's a little extra work (especially when you don't have a digital camera or a scanner) but when your selling an item that could easily fetch $100-$200 and it goes for $30 or comes in under the reserve than it's just a waste of time.
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    i had a big auction i split up for this...didnt feel like taking the pics, but i have everything

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