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    Selling my Canon digital camera. It's in perfect condition. Never dropped or anything.

    It will come with:

    - AV Cable
    - Rechargeable Battery
    - Battery Charger
    - Lanyard
    - CD's and Manuals
    - SD card that was included with Camera

    Would like either a Sprint TP2 with all accessories and box, mint condition, or a BNIB Palm Pre on Sprint. Make me your offers.

    USPS Flat Rate shipping
    shipped to verified address only
    Condition: 9/10 (only because it's not brand new)

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    Here are a few pictures taken by the camera. I'm not a professional photographer and was just using this camera on "point and shoot" settings.. But here so you can get an idea of the photo quality.

    Macro mode shots:

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    Come on dude.. grow up
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    I'll also consider a Samsung Moment with box and accessories in mint condition as well.
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    Come on all, any interest? I would love to have a Pre again (I miss webOS)
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    Bump. Please guys, take this off my hands.
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    I'll just go ahead and list a price too, just in case anyone wants to purchase

    I'm looking at $270 shipped (you cover PP fee's)
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    Sunday special. $225 shipped
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    Bump.. any phone offers or cash offers?

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