FDI Mobile is setting new standards of excellence in the telecom industry.
* Imagine having an unlimited everything plan (talk, text and data) on any T-Mobile phone or unlocked GSM phone (iPhone) for only $69.95 a month...with NO credit checks and NO contracts.
* Imagine using your FDI Mobile powered iPhone, or other device, to provide WiFi connectivity for your laptop, or other mobile device, while still having the ability to talk and text on the iPhone.
* Imagine sharing in the telecom profits every time someone places a call on their mobile phone.

If you can imagine all of that AND MORE...a whole lot more, then your dreams have come true with FDI Mobile.

Learn how to save a significant amount of money on your telecom costs (home / business) and earn some extra income by sharing your FDI experience with just a few other people.


Already have a FDIMobile phone that you would like to activate—or have an unlocked GSM phone you want to use on the FDIMobile network? Just get a SIM card and have it activated with our unlimited plan. Slip the ready-to-use SIM Card into your phone and youre ready to go.

Please note that FDIMobile can provide service support, but not handset support for SIM Card Only Accounts. FDIMobile only provides technical support for devices purchased through FDIMobile.

(Price on SIM cards - $25 plus $25 activation fee)