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    I've got a used Palm Pre with some Extras up for auction on Ebay if anybody is interested. Check it out!
    Sprint Palm Pre WITH LOTS OF EXTRAS - eBay (item 120534581361 end time Feb-27-10 02:59:21 PST)
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    If you want to trade for my netbook, I would be interested. LMK
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    I appreciate the offer but I really just want to sell it through the auction. Trying to get back a little cash from what I spent on the new phone.
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    What a great deal for all of those things.
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    Yeah I started the auction off at a fairly low price. I must admit I will be a little bummed if that's all it ends up selling for but it would be better than having it sit in a closet or something. At least somebody can get some use out of it.
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    How much would it cost to end the auction early?
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    I just bid!
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    Just curious, why selling? Scratch that, just saw auction. Did you like while you had it? What phone will you select with new carrier?
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    The ONLY reason I'm selling the phone is because I switched to Verizon and got a Droid. The only reason I switched from Sprint is because I didn't get service where I work out in a rural area and Verizon works fine out there. I got the Droid before the Pre Plus came out on Verizon or I probably would have gotten another Pre. I honestly loved the phone. I just can't use it anymore.

    It's in really good condition. No cracks anywhere on it. It has some VERY LIGHT scratches on the front of it that you can only see if the light is just right. They're hardly worth mentioning honestly but I don't want to claim that it's perfect because it's best to just be 100% honest when selling stuff.

    One Touchstone and charger are used, then there is another charger and touchstone that are brand new sealed in the box as well as a Palm branded Car Charger that is also brand new in the box. I actually got the brand new items for Christmas from my wife right before I decided to switch to Verizon lol... Needless to say she wasn't 100% happy with that haha!

    Thanks for bidding Amistak!
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    I have already bid, but can you post the ESN information here so I can verify with Sprint before the auction runs up and ends?
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    *SOLD* Thanks for looking

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