I got a Palm Pre, its in great condition due to the fact that i baby this phone beyond all belief....i want a palm pixi! i have thought about just buying one on ebay and then reselling my pre, but who knows how that will pan out.

here's what i want to do....anyone living in the Ventura/LA area that has a pixi that wishes they had a Pre for 3d gamings and music and all that other jive, meet up with me and do an even swap!

i don't do gaming on my phone, i have an itouch for that, i don't need music, again i have an itouch...i use my Pre as an overpowered text machine, access FML shake, and chuck norris facts...i dont use the net unless needed...i basically don't need this much phone, and i want a pixi pretty bad.

again, i'm talking about meeting up at a local sprint store, swapping the dealies there and moving on with our lives...if i regret it a week later, oh wells, i could care less....i wish they would've dropped the pixi with the pre....let me know!!