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    I went to the darkside and got an iPhone. Need it for the apps and slim fit so the Pre has to go. I'm giving the Pre Forum members first pick on this for a few days, after that it goes on craigslist for the wolves to feed on.

    I just got the phone replaced since I got metal shavings in the old phone's speaker. It was replaced this morning and still has the protective cover on the screen (the peel off one from the factory). This is a original phone, not a reman. Brand new, I turned it on, made sure it worked and I could get my contacts out of it, and turned it off once I got the iPhone setup. It's brand new.

    The Seidio 2600mah battery is 2 weeks old, bought it from the Pre Store for $70 with the bigger cover. The original battery and cover is included too, they're in great shape. I love the battery life of the 2600, wish they came stock.

    I have the original boxes and paperwork to prove this is my phone. I also have the Sprint car charger and original charger to go with it - got everything and I mean everything. I even have the original Palm pouch.

    I will get pics of everything tonight and upload them. Feel free to take this time to request any special views or angles. I'll take whatever pictures you want...of the phone and accessories.

    $250 shipped for all of it. I only use paypal for things like this as it protects the buyer AND the seller. I only ship USPS Priority with insurance ($250 for this one) and delivery confirmation. I have an account on eBay (same name) as well as many other forums (same name). I've been on these forums for a little while but I'm just a lurker. Feel free to PM me for my phone number and we can talk about the sale or text me with questions.
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    Is it a Refurb? ##786# to check
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    He already mentioned is was not a refurb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdod View Post
    He already mentioned is was not a refurb.
    oooh, gotcha. My mistake.

    Hmm, still thinking about this.
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    The Sprint people lied to me about the refurb status of an exchange before... I'll bet it happens all the time. It would be best to check. Either way though. It's a good price for the package.
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    I will double check for you guys and post a pic of the back of the phone today when I get off work.

    Sorry for the late response, I didn't realize I hadn't turned on email notification.
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    Trade for a 3g 8 gig iphone that has never been used? It was a replacement from Apple
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    I got a 32gb 3gs iphone, so I'm good, no thanks
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    I got pics but can't post them since my post count is too low

    EDIT: If someone wants to PM me for the pics, I will give them to you. If you feel inclined to post them, even better.
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