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    Both $29+5 shipping, separately: $(19+4)each. Reply to

    PRISTINE NEW CONDITION/never used/nothing broken. I rely on Infrared and travel charger, no need for USB and regular AC adapter (in fact use compatible solar panel!). USB is from VisorEdge box: MAY OR MAY NOT FIT OTHER VISORS - I HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE so not repsonsible for any unit other than VisorEdge. However AC adapter (from Edge) most likely fits all units - plugs into USB cable co-connector (not into Visor itsel, unlike travel charger) whichpresumably is standard across Visor product line and is standard round connector [in 100-240V, out 5-5.9V, portable genuine Handpsring].

    I accept PayPal, money order, personal check requires 3-day clearance; I am in New York, United States but have experience trading internationally.
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    The cradle will not work with other Visors, however the charger will plug into all Handspring cradles that I know of.
    -Michael Ducker
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