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    I have a Pre that I am selling. I used it for a few months, but have made the switch to an Iphone. The phone has a small ding on the top right side. I have all the original packing except for the orange and black pouch. I am also including an AirRave, a touchstone kit with an extra touchstone, and a car charger. All for the great low price of $200.

    This is my first time posting to any type of "fourm", but I am sure there is a way to contact me if you are interested, or have any questions.
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    What type of AirRave? And do you have a pic of the phone?
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    If it comes to it and you are interested in selling the puck alone please pm me.
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    Airrave is a samsung model scs-26uc
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    Here are some photos
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    PM me for touchstone kit the whole thing if it hasnt been sold.
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    any pics of the damage? And do you have paypal and any way for a reference ....ebay I'd or something?
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    I do have a pay pal account... I guess you just need my e-mail but says I can not post that here. I also have a e-bay account and user name is grn99miata. I have not used either accounts in quite some time, but hope that helps. LMK if you have anyother questions
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    PM sent , private message. And thanks for taking the time to add the pic. The damage is minor.
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