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    I just recently got a palm pre (today makes one week) because it is a great phone, and because the plan is $20 cheaper than the iPhone. So I have been trying to sell my iPhone 3G 16GB on ebay, and I have had the WORST luck with spammers....people get the highest bid on it, and then ask me to send them my bank account info "so they can avoid paypal fees" ....right. So I'm fed up with ebay. The iPhone is in great condition, I've always had a protective case on it, I jailbroke it with blackra1n and unlocked it with blacksn0w, and if someone doesn't want it unlocked, it can easily be fixed. It comes with the original box, charger, cable, screen cloth, sim card removal tool, the case I got for it, and a new pair of headphones/mic I recently bought.
    Does anyone know of a better way to sell this other than ebay? Thanks!
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    I sold my 3g on craigslist very quickly, only dealt with locals who would pu and cash
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    How much you asking for it? I might be able to find a home for it with my neighbors who have AT&T service.
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    post in this thread the ebay link!
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    here it is! Like I said, the bidding ended, but the transaction has already been canceled. I just haven't re-listed it yet. iPhone 3G 16 GB jailbroken & unlocked, firmware 3.1.2 - eBay (item 280463471379 end time Feb-12-10 22:18:51 PST)
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    ^ You need to mess with the settings and make sure people with "verified paypal" account can win bids this will keep scammers away.
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    yeah I will do that.

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