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    Xircom modem
    Works great. 56K. $40
    Snap N Play game pad $30
    GameFace for Prism with Zap!2016 $20
    Folio Case $20

    Individual items require shipping charges with a minimum of $3.50.
    E-mail me at for more info.
    I accept paypal, and money orders or cahier's checks.
    My paypal account is under "".
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    You have mail on the EM 2 and thinmodem.
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    Now including 16 Meg Hagiwara Memory Module with Prism for
    same price! Prism sold!
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    Gadget Guru,

    I thought that you were happy with your Pirms. Why are you selling now? Going to Sony too?
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    Who, Me? Going to Sony? Nah. Just wanted to try something
    slimmer with hi res, color and only uses a MemoryStick for memory
    expansion...oh, that's a Sony. Yes, I'm jumping ship for a while to
    check out the Clie. I might come back depending on what
    Handspring unviels this summer. I still love my Prism. I am now
    out of a job and using the Prism in the daytime ( I used to sleep
    during the day and work at night) and need something easier to
    see outside in direct sunlight.

    I will still be selling the Visor parts on!
    Maybe I'll be able to find out where to get parts and add Sony
    and Palm to my line of products. I will always support the Visor
    line until I have no more orders for them.
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    Please see my site for updated list of available accessories.

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