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    Palm Pre for Sprint
    2 Touchstones with power supplies
    Invisible Shield already installed
    eGrip already installed (this is pretty cool)
    Little felt carrying case that came with the Pre.

    Phone is in excellent condition, no cracks etc. I have the original box for the Pre.

    Phone works great, I may actually get a Pre Plus from Verizon (I've checked out a ton of phones and it's made me appreciate the Pre just that much more). As for Sprint I live in a dead zone and had a number of issues with them not sending me bills. After 5 months of trying to work with them on getting the issues resolved I got out of my contract on the regulatory increase loophole.

    $265 - includes shipping in the US (Hawaii and Alaska excluded).

    PM me if interested. Cheers, Joe
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    Reduced to $235
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    I am interested, sent PM a day or 2 ago, let me know.
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    I am interested, if jdod changes his mind.

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