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    I have a Sprint Treo Pro for sale in good condition. This was a great phone for me. There are a few minor scratches on the screen. Also a few nicks around the rim of the phone, a few minor stress cracks around the side (these phones are prone to that) and the plastic backing is a little scuffed up (just not super shiny like it once was). All buttons functioning fine nothing sticking, etc... This phone was well taken care off - it had a screen protector for a long time and was kept in a case most of the time. It is hardSPL unlocked and has Windows Mobile 6.5.0 pre-loaded! This is a very nice upgrade over 6.1 IMHO but can easily be flashed back! Clean ESN of course as well and I am throwing in EXTRAS! Being sold as-is, no warranties or returns. Tested and powers on fine.


    Original box and materials/manuals
    Treo Pro (freshly hard reset and fully charged)
    Wall Charger
    Charging/Sync Cradle (has extra battery charging slot)
    Seidio Spring Clip Holster (a little scuffed up but in very good conditon)
    Silicon Case
    2 Screen Protectors


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    Price reduced to $99
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    wow bump for good deal
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    trade for merlin ex720? I definitely want this!
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    wow thats a good deal! this is definitely one of the best candybar style winmo phones.

    you should put this on ebay if you're having trouble selling it here. it looks like the average selling price at the moment for it is $100-$120
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    Still available
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    that's bs... You never responded to me
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    My second time trying to figure out how to reply. Will you take $75.00 since there is no return or warranty?

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    Still available
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonathanlc2005 View Post
    that's bs... You never responded to me
    Not BS, he wants money. He didn't say he was looking for a trade.
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