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    Effective 5/1/02 Case Techworks, Inc. is pleased to announce the
    Palm User Group Discount Program.

    Case Techworks, Inc. will offer a 25% discount off of SRP on any
    regular priced merchandise sold on our website:

    All members of a Palm User Group are eligible to participate.

    1. All orders must be placed via our website.

    2. To receive discount, please place the following code UGDP0402 on the first line of the "comments field" on the order form.

    Please note:your discount will be taken at the time the order is
    processed, prior to shipping. Order confirmation will be sent upon

    3. We will ship all orders under this program via the US Postal
    Service. Ship-to locations within the Continental United States will
    ship FREE!

    4. International shipments will have freight added to the invoice. All customs, duty and import taxes will be the responsibility of receiving party.

    5. Orders to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada will incur $5 handling fee
    and will be applied to invoice.

    6. Discount Program is not available on closeout items.
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    on an unrelated note, VisorCentral (or shall I saw TreoCentral) will have a review of the new Treo II case from CaseTechWorks soon. (we should get samples next week)
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff

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