CompUSA is selling Lexar 128 MB media (I don't recall if it is in every format or not, but it is a lot of them!) for $59.99 ($69.99-$10 instant savings) AND you get a 'free' reader as well! ($19.99 and a $20 rebate).

This is a GREAT deal! I had just purchased a CompUSA brand card reader ($19.99) and a package of 1-64MB card and 1-32B card ($59.99). By exchanging them for this other deal, I was able to swap them across the board, get another 32MB for free- AND I'll get $20 off the entire package to boot!

Lower price, more memory? What's the downside?

Note: Lexar media may not be compatible with all Springboard flash adapter units, but it works fine in mine!

Note 2: The Lexar card reader installs like a dream!