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    Selling a barley-used Arkon PDA Vent Mount Kit (CM229). The mount installs directly on your air conditioning vent on your dash. No tools are required to mount it, and it easy to remove when are not using it.

    I have barely used it because I didn't have a car for a while after I purchased it, and I am now selling my Ice Blue Visor Deluxe. Its great though, especially if you have a Visorphone. Arkon even sent me some extra legs for the bottom which are longer and give a Visor with the VP inserted great stability.

    I'm selling it for $20. Buyer pays the shipping which is about $7. Anyone interested, then e-mail me at Hotmail account (to avoid me getting spammed) at
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    Have you used this with "larger" springboards? I'd be interested in using it with my Prism w/Magellan GPS module which sticks out the back a good bit. Let me know, thanks.

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