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    Anyone interested in a lightly used Memplug for Smartmedia and 64MB Smartmedia card? Both are in great shape; the only noteworthy thing is that the "Memplug" sticker came off the Memplug. Other than that, both are in very good condition. Originally, they cost about $100 total ($50 for each piece). I'd like to receive ~$70 or so, shipped. Smartmedia card comes with plastic case. Email any questions or offers to
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    Also, I'm willing to split them up for $35 shipped each, and I'm willing to trade either of them for a 64MB MMC card.
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    The good news: I have a 64 MB MMC (Sandisk) I am trying to get rid of. Not used at all (although out of the packaging)

    The bad news: I need either a different 64MB MMC or 2 32 MB MMCs in exchange.

    I have a minijam that doesn't like the 64 MB Sandisk cards, so...

    I just thought I'd post it, to see if we could help each other...

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    Sorry, but I don't think I can help you. I'd imagine if you posted a thread in the marketplace someone could trade with you.
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    Actually, you could try picking up a relatively cheap ($37 or so after shipping) Lexar 64MB card from then sell or hang on to the SanDisk. I'm sure someone here or on PDABuzz would be interested in it, what with the multitude of devices compatible with it (m500 series, HandEra, Maestro, etc).
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    Anyone interested at all? Name your own price!

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