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    Time to clean out the PDA drawer again!

    All prices include USPS First Class shipping in the US. We can talk about other options. PayPal is the preferred payment, but others are OK as well.


    NEW ITEM- GrinderGear Basecamp (, blue with older style fixed belt clip. The bungies on the very front have been removed, and the case is a little worn. Was $40, asking $15

    Roadwired Medium Tech Case, gray. ( This looks like a basic camera case, but is very well made, and includes a 'secret pocket'. Originally $20, asking $7

    SOLD- Incase Designs PDA clamshell case, black, small ( Uses Velcro (included). Was $20, asking $7- SOLD!

    Columbia Sportswear Company PDA pouch (not shown ontheir website. I'll try to get a good digital photo if anyone is interested!) This is a olive/black pouch with a Velcro cover flap. It is not padded, but is stiffened. One side has two loops for pens, the other has a zipper to allow the pouch to expand. It will not fit a Stowaway. Was $20, asking $7

    BucketBoss PDA pouch (, search for PDA) Tough, basic pouch. Was $13, asking $5

    SOLD- GrinderGear Expedition (, blue with belt clip. TOUGH case, similar to RhinoSkin's 2000. Count'em: 3 full-size zippered pockets, 1 big mesh pocket, 4 elastic loops, 2 elastic '2xAAA' battery pockets, Elastic 'diamond' straps, and 3 horizontal straps. Was $45, asking $20- SOLD

    Radio Shack 'Pager Purses', #17-441 and 17-447 (no longer in catalog or on site). 'Lightly shop worn in box'. I thought I could modify these into PDA cases, but changed my mind. Both smell of leather, include shoulder/wrist strap, card slots, and wallet features. The #17-447 is called the 'Mini Pager Purse', and is basically a very small square folding bag with a coin pouch on the back. it is about 4"w x 3.5"h x 2"d. The other is a 'Compact Pager Purse' and is more rounded. It is larger (6"w x 4.5"h x 2"d), has a belt loop on back, sturdy magnetic clasp, pull-out mini-wallet, and a larger storage area. Were $24.99, asking $5 (if shipped without boxes, with boxes, please add $2!)

    SOLD- Ice Flip Cover 'screen cover', ice and graphite Prism hinges, and a damaged/used module adaptor. Free with another order, otherwise $2 for S&H.- SOLD

    HandyGPS with the newer flash updates ( Box, manual, CD, etc. included. As far as I can tell, there is not any time left on the Ubigo map offer, etc. New $150, was asking $70, now $60.

    Also- computer and tech gadget items:

    Dell Inspiron 3000 Laptop Computer- poor condition, but does work! Some keycaps are missing, the covers for parts of the hinges are missing, and the battery is dead. However, it comes with the manual, CD and floppy drives (internal and removeable), AC power adapter, and a couple diskettes. Little (if any) software left on board! I know it works and boots up when it is plugged in- beyond that, I am not sure. Asking $150 (a big chunk of that will be packaging, insurance, and registration!)

    GameBoy Pocket, 'ice', with case, WormLight, Camera, a good book on using the camera, and whatever software we can still find- we had WWF Raw, Turn & Burn, Star Trek something, 4-in-1 (with chess, backgammon, etc.), 64-in-1 (with a buncha Mario and other stuff), and some others. Whatever I can find is yours. E-mail me if you need a complete list. Asking $40 for the entire package.

    SOLD- Handheld 'Othello' electronic game, Radio Shack version. Asking $5, or free with other order.- SOLD

    Franklin Electronic Thesaurus with Bookman capabilities and New International Version Bible cartridge. Asking $10

    Radio Shack 6-in-1 remote control #15-1905a and manual. Will run pretty near anything, including X-10 devices! Free with any other order.

    Small 'drawing pad'- style replacement. I forgot to bring it with me to write about, but I will update the forum about it ASAP. Asking $10.

    Questions? E-mail me at
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    With the Expedition case, could I fit a stowaway keyboard and my visor deluxe in it at the same time?
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    Free at last, Free at Last, Thank God, Almighty, I'm Free at Last!
    If only that were true!
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    Good gawd! You are always selling cases in here. I think you could supplement your income very nicely (and feed your case habit) just by reviewing all the cases you own and delling the reviews!

    Wish my wife was that understanding....
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    Originally posted by euangel

    If only that were true!
    Actually, it's 23, or 21 if you count the two days I will be in Boston next week!
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    Actually, I wasn't referring to the number of days...I was referring to the free at last part!

    Anyway, back to the case blowout sale...
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    Continuing on the Off-Topic Discussion:

    Yeah, you're right...I still have to go to Washburn University (Topeka, KS) in August - But atleast I have more freedom, considering I am going to pay to go there!

    Back to the cases finally...
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    Expedition case- (there was a question about that somewhere, wasn't there?) YES, you can fit both- but it is a little tight. There is not really anything between the two and they will press against each other. I often used it to carry the Stowaway and several modules, note pad, and other odds 'n ends!

    'On-going garage sale'- thats about right! I have a terrible habit of buying these, liking them, wanting another, realizing how many I have, and desperately trying to off-set my expenses!

    The sparking event this time is that I am finally getting a Vaja case for my Prism. I LOVE Vaja's stuff, and I found a great price at ($49.99 for the magnetic closure case!) Yes- I bought it. Sigh. I probably need some sort of help, huh?

    And... I STILL have a RhinoSkin 1100, Incipeo Designs, Handspring mesh case, Innogear case, some handmade cases, a missing neoprene pouch, and the orignal pouch and cover. Yeesh!
    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are at!
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    I think I have the same addiction to cases that you have. I've owned several myself -- not nearly as many as you it appears! (I even bought one of them from you a few months back.) Although I don't think I need treatment might.

    For those of you who are interested in purchasing from Madkins007, I can tell you that he handled my previous purchase from him very well, so rest easy if you have any concerns.

    BTW Madkins007, you've got mail about one of these cases.
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    I know what you're saying. I went from a Franklin Covey, to a Targus, to an E&B, and, finally, to the Vaja. Good thing a few of them were cheap/review units.
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    There is a NEW ITEM posted on the list- a GrinderGear Basecamp.

    I am a little lucky insofar as some of the people I work with have Palms and Visors, and I get some of their hand-me-downs as well! We use some in the tech lab here at work, and I sell a few on consignment for co-workers too lazy to go through 'the bother'.

    Most of them though, are/were mine. I once read a book on personal organization for 'right brainers' that mentioned that we often just get bored with our paper planners and feel a need to switch- we justify it a bunch of ways, but it is just the stimulation threshold kicking in again.

    With my PDA, I cannot change the unit that often (or my wife would REALLY kill me!), but the cases are different. Now that I am spending the big bucks on a Vaja, this better slow down!
    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are at!

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