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    Close this thread. It is pointless.
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    exactly it seems like dusty is angry for no reason.
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    lmao robertanakani, you noob 1.4 is here and its great. too bad you sold.
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    this little boy (robertanakani) is why there is alot of people who are afraid to buy and sell on these's fourms ...thanks D-Bag....
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    Judging from his posts on other forums, Android Central, iPhone places, etc... AND his youtube page, and his myspace... He's only a 16yr old kid.. So it's understandable that he is the way he is. I wouldn't let this guy get the to any of you (as far as anger goes).

    Robert A (HoopinG!!! (Robert A) | MySpace

    You can see the Pre here
    PicZ Photo Gallery - Photo 1 of 13 by Robert A (HoopinG!!! - MySpace Photos

    YouTube - RobertAnakani's Channel

    Anyways... He's sold the phone, lets just move on guys..

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