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    I have a Pre with a touchstone. Very good condition.

    UK based, so GSM. Locked to O2

    Works perfectly, but I miss my Android phone so bought a Nexus.

    220 for a quick sale. (I've already bought the replacement - I need the cash!!)

    PM me if interested.

    I've only got a few posts, but I'm a genuine honest bloke.

    You an come and pick it up if local to Swansea UK.

    Any questions, just ask. Pictures can be supplied.
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    Check your PM's
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    ( As replied in PM to steelerdean )

    The Pre is in extremely good condition. I can't see any marks/scratches/scuffs. I've had it since November (a week or so after it was released) and it's used daily. I look after it well and it's always kept in it's case.

    That said, if you hold it up to the light you can see the tiniest of tiny scratches proving it's not new. But they are barely perceptible. For example a fingerprint is 100 times more noticeable! Don't be put off, I'm just being VERY VERY picky here.

    The back of the phone has the touchstone back, so it's smooth, not shiny like the front. It doesn't have any scuff or scratches etc.

    The LCD screen does not have any dead pixels. I took my first Pre back to O2 and they exchanged for one that was perfect.

    The case is suede and seems to attract dust. But I've just cleaned it with a suede brush and it looks pretty good, too.

    The unit works 100% And the touchstone works 100% too now that I used the folded paper trick with the touchstone. Palm should really sort this out!

    I'll also got a spare charger you can have.

    If you live near Swansea you can check to see if it matches what I have said above, no problem.

    If you are interested, let me know
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    For the benefit of the thread, a deal has been agreed between myself and Redmist.

    We have agreed on a total price of 220, paid via Paypal. This price includes postage by Royal Mail Special Delivery. I have just made the payment and Redmist will be posting tomorrow.

    We both have full details for each other and have spoken on the phone to confirm identity.
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    Thanks steelerdean. You should get it Monday.

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