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    ok... i added more to my list...

    i would like to buy:


    32mb cf card

    springboard modem

    visor (original), 2mb version (i need the parts!). If you have a broken visor, i am willing to buy that as well... depends on what is broken...

    email me and name a price. mailto:

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    If you want a great buy on a CF Card, go to CompUSA. They have a SanDisk 64mb CF/SM (or Sony MS) (your choice) discounted from $65 to $40, from which they then give you a $5 instant rebate and a $15 mail-in rebate for a total of $19.99

    This is a 64mb card for $19.99, a price cheaper than any 32mb card.

    I got one today and am using it in my matchbook drive!
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