Palm Spare Battery Charger for Palm Pre, Pixi & Centro - eBay (item 250568056394 end time Jan-25-10 09:58:58 PST)

This is a brand new, in sealed box, Palm spare battery charger and case in one! Anyone with a pre knows that the battery life is less than perfect. With this product, you can always have a second battery charged up and ready to go!

"Constantly on the move? Leave an extra phone battery charging in this portable battery charger. Just insert your spare and plug it into your Palm Power Charger or Vehicle Power Charger. Charge at the office, your hotel room, or your car so you have the power you need.

* Charges the Palm Standard Battery
* Doubles as a durable carrying case for your spare battery
* Provides a convenient, lightweight traveling solution

Note: Charging cable not included."