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    I have my Prism up for sale on ebay with all the accessories you would ever need...

    Handspring Visor Prism - Color Palm powered PDA, 8megs.

    Visor OmniSky Modem - Nationwide wireless internet.

    Xircom 802.11 Adapter -Springboard wlan modem 11mbits.

    Targus Stowaway Keyboard - External foldable keyboard.

    Minijam 64mb MP3 Player - Listen to music on your visor.

    Markspace Datacord - Get a serial interface on your visor. Usefull for serial synching, attaching an external desktop modem, plugging into & configuring a cisco router, I used it to connect to a Garmin GPS.

    Memplug smart media adapter - A great module to add storage to your visor. Use this module to backup your visor, store additional programs, or view photos direcly from a digital camera.

    It's up on Ebay right now. Follow this link:
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    What's the reserve on it? I take it you wouldn't be interested in selling things seperately?
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    The reserve is $500.

    However, if it doesn't sell, I will accept other offers. I would also be willing to split it up provided the whole package doesn't sell.

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