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    Hello all...bought a lovely custom handspring case for my Visor. It's great and I love but I bought it with one opens like a book (your standard zipper on) and I am left handed so it spends more time outside of the case than's in great condition, the leather is starting to get a nice aged look to it and inside one of the pegs is broken off (oops...) but it still holds my neo nice a secure...the official color is mocha belting leather and I call it a deep rich brown...I am not 100% sure if I would sell it, I do like it so I am just throwing this out to see if anyone is interested. I paid just over $60 for it so I would be looking for about $45 US for it...

    P.S. it still has that leather smell...oh how I love that smell....
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    Doesn't anybody want a nice leather of the line....if not it's going on eBay.
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