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    Complete USB VDX Graphite (with Handspring metal stylus)($99 refubished retail). Some mild screen scratches, some button wear- very usable. Will pre-install with shareware/freeware/trial software if you want.

    VisorPhone - Antenna was snapped off but re-attached and gets full signal. Great if you already have a working SIM card. Includes Travel Charger.

    Take any one of these free with any purchase:
    - Visor Stylus from Handspring - Ice
    - Visor Stylus from Handspring - Orange
    - Original Handspring solid graphite plastic stylus

    I can post web links to any of the products listed too, if you want more info on them.

    All items are used, but in working condition with mild wear. All have original box, instructions, and accessories unless noted. Selling because I got a Treo. S/H extra (whatever it costs me).
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    i'll take both the chameleons please!

    please email weaktie AT SYMBOL

    and the ice cover for free would be great!


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    You have a PM re the visorphone
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    Originally posted by pgroves
    You have a PM re the visorphone
    This did not work out, VisorPhone is still available
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    Will you be willing to sell the stowaway case seperately?
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    You've got PM

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    Originally posted by Syniq
    You've got PM

    Send me your email address again, the email I sent you came back to me.

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    Originally posted by terrysalmi
    Will you be willing to sell the stowaway case seperately?
    Sure, say $17 + s/h?
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    how about $20 shipped for the eyemodule?
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    I've finally sold the last of my VDX accessories.
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    Thanks again Jeff.

    I appreciate it.


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