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    does anyone know where I can get a reasonably priced Motorola T2282, or similar cell phone that works with the sim card? I am trying to find a reasonably priced cell phone. Everyone wants you to sign a contract before they sell you a phone, the very few that sell without a contract charge rediculous prices. Anyone know of any sites that sell a phone like this in the 40-50 dollar range? I should have taken the free one at Voicestream and left the Visorphone alone--it cooked my VDX.
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    You looking to get rid of your VP? I need to fix mine up, had some case mishaps. Email me if you are interested.

    lctaynton AT
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    BTW, most carriers will give a discount off their phones if you already have a contract with them. For instance, after 7 months Voicestream will give $50 off their phones, $75 after 10 months. Your carrier may have the same type of program.

    If you have VoiceStream, the number can be found on their FAQ online, under replacement phones.
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    I spent about an hour on the phone with voicestream Saturday night trying to get them to give me a phone, sell me a refurbished or new phone. They will not even sell you a phone if you already have a contract signed and were foolish enough to take a VP instead of one of their phones when you agree to a one year contract. It is one of the stupidst things I have ever seen. They told me to go to Circuit City or somewhere and buy a phone--remember I have only signed on with voicestream in the last 3 weeks, and of course I can't cancel or I lose a couple hundred bucks. Staples has the Motorola t2282 for $99. The same phone I would have got for free if I had got it instead of the VP. I will go ahead and keep the new VP module they send me as a backup, but I don't plan on using it if I can find a reasonably priced cell phone to put my SIM card in. The VP basically friied my vdx. So I do not feel real good about the VP right now. I will probably tell Voicestream to take a flying leap when my contract with them does eventually run out. Right now I am just looking for a phone.

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