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    I am switching my SM set-up back to CompactFlash and the FlashPlus unit for a lot of reasons, so the SmartMedia set-up is up for sale.

    SmartMedia MemPlug, newest Flash updates
    2 SM cards- 32 MB and 64 MB (generic)
    ZIO SM card reader, USB
    Registered version of PIDeveloper
    Packaging, software, manuals, etc. for the hardware above.

    Will swap anything for equivilant Compact Flash element- FlashPlus, good USB CF reader, or compatible CF cards. (Packaging, etc. not required for a swap.)

    I am asking $60 or best offer for the bundle. For now, I would prefer to sell it as a bundle. Price includes USPS First Class shipping in the US. I LOVE PayPal, but can do checks.

    Now- the catch: The FlashPlus unit I ordered is back-ordered and I do not want to ship my MemPlug out until they come in. If we are swapping, I'll ship right away, otherwise I will ship as soon as gets enough in to fill my order.

    (So, why am I running the ad now? Partly to see what interest there might be, partly in a vague hope that it will somehow speed up the backorders!)
    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are at!
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    I'm interested in it if you still have it.
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    I have a solid offer, but I will let everyone know if it does not go through!

    Now- I just need the FlashPluses to come back in stock!
    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are at!

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