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    Hi everybody, I'm selling my unlocked GSM Palm Pre since I've converted to Android and I don't need two phones.
    I'm selling it with all the things it shipped with, including the original bill so you have the carrier's (o2) warranty.

    I know I'm new, and actually I'm only signed up to sell my phone, but I'm willing to accept PayPal, so you have some safety on your side.
    Also feel free to contact me via MSN or ICQ/AIM if you want to talk to me or have any questions regarding the phone.
    My contact info is stored on my profile page.
    Now these are the details:

    Item Description:
    Unlocked German GSM Palm Pre with 8GB storage.
    The keyboard layout is QWERTZ, but if I recall correctly there is a way to change it to QWERTY (search the forums).
    The phone was originally purchased on October 21th (2009) and arrived about a week a later.
    So it's a bit less than 3 months old now. The phone is in very good condition.

    Delivery Contents: Palm Pre, USB cable, USB charger, Palm headphones, quick start manuals, warranty documents, original bill

    Item Location: Germany

    Shipping: You choose

    Price: Offer in the forums or via PM.

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    All PMs have been answered.
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    Bump. This is still up for sale.

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