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    Price: $290 Shipped
    Color: Black
    Included: Phone, Charger/Data Cable, battery, box, manuals, etc
    Life Timer: Not sure, phone is in box (under 500mins I'm sure)
    Used/Tested Networks: Used/Sprint
    Condition: 10/10

    Location: Albuquerque, NM
    Shipping: USPS Flat rate box shipped to verified paypal address only
    Payment: Paypal only

    Additional Details:
    Need to pay some bills, my phone has to go. It is 10/10 condition, screen protector on from factory, never dropped, water damaged, not a refurbished either.

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    Will also take a LG Lotus Elite straight trade. Or a M1 or M610 + $220cash. Phones must be in like condition, or very close to.
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    Other device offers now being entertained
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    Also, very very interested in a straight trade for a Blackberry 8530 on Sprint
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    Will also consider a Pre, but it has to be a newer build pre. LMK the build date
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    $128 shipped? It's all I've got and my hero just broke. Paypal ready now, verified address as well, it'd really help me out if that means something
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    No thanks
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    Any Pre's from what I said above?
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    $270 shipped today
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    Sold. Mod's please delete.

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