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    For sale is one mint condition Touchstone Dual location charging kit plus!

    That gets you: 2 touchstone charging docks, 1 Palm international charger (includes adapters for most of the world) and 1 Touchstone back for the Palm Pre.

    Here is the Palm page for it: Palm Pre&#8482 Touchstone™ Charging Kit Plus - Palm Accessories

    Used for a few months, 0 wear and tear. Both Touchstones work perfectly.

    $95 shipped!

    Shipping will be USPS priority and payment by paypal! Unless you are in the NYC area and want to meet face to face!
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    Interesting. I saw the same picture on eBay 2 days ago
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    it was mine! My top bidder decided to tell me she wasnt going to pay and the second highest doesnt want it any more! Send that seller a message through ebay if you would like proof!

    Ebay's loss is your gain! Interested?
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    If anyone is interested in 1 of the touchstones and other items, I would be interested in the other. All I need is the touchstone.

    That is if the OP is willing to break up.
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    I could use another touchstone and back, let me know if you wanna split it up.
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    I would prefer to sell them together and would give priority to a buyer who wanted the entire package. However, If I dont get any offers on the whole package in a few days I will split it up.
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    I would be interested if you do send internationally - could you contact me with how much it would cost to be shipped to Austria (not Australia!), Europe?
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    I will check prices, but I believe USPS will offer the cheapest rate by far. What is your postal code in Austria?
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    Postal code would be 1120, thanks!

    PS: It doesn't have to be fast as long as it is trackable somehow.
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    UPS and fedex both want $90+ to ship it so they are out!

    USPS First Class international - $16
    USPS - First-Class Mail International Prices

    USPS Priority Mail international - $31
    USPS - Priority Mail International Prices

    The package will weigh about 28 ounces and Austria is a 'group 5' country according to the USPS.

    I dont know how trackable they are respectively. That does not seem to be an option here: USPS - International Extra Services

    Let me know if either of these options work for you and I will send you my paypal information!
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    Sent you a message!

    Edit : I did sent you a message but it doesn't show up in my "sent" folder - did you receive it?
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    I did. Replied via PM.

    *Pending Sale to Pulp for the entire package.*
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