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    I've got a Sprint Palm Pre I'd like to sell. The phone is in great condition. It's had a Zagg Invisible Shield on it since the day I bought it. Includes two touchstone chargers (with wall chargers included), touchstone back and original back.

    I switched phones about a month ago and would like to sell this one.

    Edit: One touchstone + the touchstone back is sold.

    New list for sale:

    1 Palm Pre with original back cover
    1 touchstone
    2 wall chargers

    I'm asking for $220 for the package, but I will negotiate.
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    would you negotiate for just a touchstone + back
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    I guess I could do that.
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    hows say 35 sound
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    PM'd you.
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    So, price for the Pre and remaining Touchstone? $200?
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    Both touchstones are still up for grabs. I'll post here if one sells. If you've got an offer for part of the package (pre + one touchstone or whatever), PM me, it will be much easier to deal with that way.
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    1 touchstone plus the touchstone back have been sold.
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    you stil have a touchstone dock for sale? very interested!

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