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    FDI Voice Hands Free will have you in full compliance with driving laws in your state and have you arrive to your destination in one piece. I know you have seen the news reels and pictures of what happens when you text and drive.

    FDIVoice - Kylee™ is an Electronic Voice Assistant, a member of the SpeechPhone family of speech-driven personal assistants. Kylee answers your phone, screens your calls and routes callers to you wherever you are. Kylee also takes messages when you're not available. Using simple voice commands you can ask Kylee to make calls for you, read e-mails, return calls to the people who left you voice messages, send text messages and so much more.

    FDIVoice Hands Free will put you in the driver's seat! Dont take risks! Be in full compliance with new hands free driving laws in all 50 states by performing all telecom, Email, and text functions without touching your phone! As an added bonus, you can reduce your mobile phone expenses by dialing and answering all of your calls through your FDIVoice account.

    As of this writing there are 17 states banning the use of mobile devices for talking and texting while operating a motor vehicle. Compliance is a great thing, but even if it is legal at the moment in your state, you may want to second guess the utilization of mobile handheld devices while driving for life's sake, not just the law. FDIVoice is really the gift that keeps on giving.

    Another great feature that may keep you safe on the road!
    Call Back - by Kylee
    Another equally simple way to make calls is to say "Call Back" after listening to a voice mail message. Kylee places a call to the phone number of the person who left the voice mail.
    No more writing down phone numbers while listening to voice mail. Can easily call people back whether they remember to leave their phone number in the message or not. No need to hang up and then dial any digits - just say "call back". FDI Voice
    FDI Hands Free
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    from what i read this is expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and also somewhat spam as your really not selling anything other then a paid service)
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    It has a $39.95 monthly charge that includes:
    *24/7/365 Concierge Service
    *One Phone Number For Home, Office & Mobile
    *Voice Command (which the Palm Pre is missing)
    *Call Screening
    *Hold Music
    *Address Book
    *Email Via Voice Command/Handsfree
    *SMS Via Voice Command/Handsfree
    *Unlimited Calling TO USA & Canada
    *Eliminate Your Home Phone Bill When You Get The FDIVoice Black Box VOIP Adapter
    *30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    *Also You Have A Chance To Make Money Selling The Product Which Could Make It Free

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