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    Please LMK what you have. I'm looking for the original eyemodule (I can't afford the new one!) and a GPS module. Not too picky about the model, but I need cheap!

    Also, I have a Glenayre Activelink Module for sale. It includes the module and manuals, plus I'll throw in a set of AAA batteries for the unit. I'll sell it for $25 shipped or trade it for one of the above items (Ill add cash if needed).

    Email me!
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    I have both that I was planning on selling over the next month, would love to sell to a fellow visorcentral reader. Give me an offer. <remove the NOSPAM>
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    If ashmed doesn't work out, LMK. I've got an EM1 I might sell.
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    Both of you have email...
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    Update: I don't need an Eyemodule anymore, but I'm still interested in a GPS Companion!
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    Update #2: I have got them both. You can let this thread die.

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