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    Hi All,

    I need a backup module for my European trip just incase something happens out there... can anyone help me?

    Please email me:

    I have tons of references located here:

    Thank you.
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    BUMP! Still looking for one!
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    Check out this post.
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    thanks - I sent the user an email. If they don't respond, I'm still looking for one!
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    *STILL* Looking for one - someones gotta have one out there!! i'm leaving for my trip soon so please hurry!
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    I'll email you. I have 8MB Backup & 8MB Flash available.

    . . . . Brian
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    I am selling my visor deluxe because the address book button is not working anymore and I just bought a T2. everything else is working just fine on the visor. it comes with the minijam MP3 module, eyemodule 2 camera, USB hotsync cradle which lights up due to some internal LED's which I installed myself, full charge internal NiMH battery and 12v car charger system that lets you use a rechargeable battery in the visor and charge it without removing it from the visor, plastic face plate cover, leather case, 8 meg flash flash module, backup module, gameboy cartridge holders which can hold springboard modules to protect them, 2 extra stylus, and 2 pencap stylus. I am asking $250 for the whole package. go ahead and make a reasonable offer on the whole package or just one of the items if you like.

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