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    Got the kit for a good price, just needed the Touchstone and not the Pre back since I have a Pixi.

    Cover is BNIB with plastic still covering it. $22 shipped takes it via flat rate box from USPS.

    Let me know.
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    I'll trade for a extra charger and data cable
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    trade for a car charger kit?
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    Eh, No. Not really in need of a car charger. I don't spend enough time in there lol. Sorry bruddah
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    I have a wall charger and cable. They arent original palm ones, but work just as well. I bought 4 for all over my house and office. They have a Wall-to-usb adapter, and then a usb-to-microUSB cable to charge the phone (also usable for syncing).
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    No thanks. Kinda wanna stick to OEM

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