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    - visor deluxe
    - best buy
    - brand new
    - not listed on, so may be limited to "stock on hand" at individual stores
    - $99 regular price (or at least it didn't say "sale price" anywhere or appear in the weekly ad which advertises all the sales)
    - $25 mail-in rebate
    - $75 total + tax
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    For anyone looking for this, good luck. The Best Buys in my area have been out of stock of Deluxe's since before christmas...(yet, they still have one in the display rack, hmm...)
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    dang, i must be one of the luckiest people alive with all the deals i've been finding!

    i saw this deal in a local best buy while looking at visor accessories (in particular eyeing spare styli, but really i was there buying a pny smart media reader to use in cooperation with my memplug and cheap digital camera; no drivers required for windows or linux as it adheres to the usb mass-storage standard, so we are talking TRUE plug-n-play, not plug-install-reboot-play, well, except maybe for winblows, hahaha! ).

    it was last saturday (a week and one day ago) and they had three or four visor deluxes available. can't remember what color they were, but i'm thinking there were some blue ones.



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