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    I am looking for a pair of the headphones that come with the palm pre. If anyone has a set of these I would love to buy them from you.
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    Are you talking about the earbuds that come with the phone?
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    Yes the earbuds sorry about that
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    I don't have my Pre anymore but I haven't found another set that fit my ears the way those did. I have a HTC Hero now but no earbuds.
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    I have a set you can have for free, still in the plastic, never used. Merry X-mas. PM your address.
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    When my daughter's phone got replaced, there was another pair in the box.
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    I sent you a PM but it doesn't show in my sent items so not sure if you got it or not.
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    Very generous of netwrkr9!

    If you run by your local sprint store they may have a pair laying around there that you could have whatever is easier for you guys
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