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    My area is converted to an All Verizon area and no longer can Alltel phones/plans be purchased here in CA..

    Can someone whom is STILL in an Alltel area swing by their local Walmart or Target to pick me up an Alltel Prepaid phone activation kit?

    I am willing to spend $100 bucks or so...just need to get a working Alltel Prepaid.

    OR I can take over someone's Alltel prepaid plan as well..anyone looking to get out of Alltel? I'm actually looking to get in Alltel.

    **Reason for this is: Alltel roams with Verizon/ and where colleague travels most Sprint does not have service so we can get him on the Alltel Prepaid for emergency calls.

    Anyone can help? pm me. thanks

    edit: if someone also runs across an alltel plan on (or alternative), let me know
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