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    My office is only supporting PocketPC's, so I'm selling some stuff:

    Silver Visor Edge - 4 mos old, no scratches, perfect cond.
    -Complete with Cd, manuals, box, etc.

    2 USB charging cradles.

    2 stylus's.

    Handspring 33.6K Modem - Mint - all packaging, etc.

    Eyemodule - Mint 1 month old.

    Sleek aluminum case.

    *** BOTH the sleek aluminum case & 1 USB cradle have been modified by me, picts can be seen:

    Sleek Alum. Case & Cradle Mods

    Both still work just fine w/o the sleek aluminum case on.

    $200.00 for the works. PayPal Preferred.
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    Could you give me an email at

    You disabled email in your profile, and didnt post any other contact info (that I could see).

    thanks, Justin
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    Interested in making a deal on the Eyemodule? Please email me!

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