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    I have a pixi for sale, it's brand new, bought two days ago. The box was opened by the radioshack employee but the phone was not used, the screen protector is on the phone, everything is still wrapped (earphones, usb cable...).
    The ESN should be clean, the line was deactivated. PM me if you want me to send you the MEID to check it.
    Before I put it on ebay l'll put it here. The price is 200$ shipped and paypaled.
    I sold on various forums before under maajka username, mostly. You can also check my ebay profile for reference: maajka3

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    Last price update before auctioning, ebay price will be higher.
    But if you would rather do it over ebay, let me know.
    Shipped with USPS Priority, you'll have it before Christmas.
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    PM sent.
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