I decided to bite the bullet and take the Treo offer. Therefore, my Pro must go. I plan on putting the following package up on eBay as soon as my Treo shows up. I look at it as an excellent starter package. I'd like to sell it as a whole set.

Until the Treo arrives, I figure I might offer it here first. I'd like to get $300 for the whole thing, plus $13 for insured shipping via USPS.

Contact me at pbkm.back@verizon.net if interested. I accept Paypal.


A complete Visor Pro kit. Includes Visor Pro (fastest Palm OS processor available, 16mb storage, springboard expansion slot, rechargeable battery, etc.), and everything that usually comes with it-smoky plastic clip on screen cover, metal stylus, hot sync USB cable cradle that also doubles as a charger for the battery, and desktop Palm OS software. Also in this package: black leather bifold case from Handspring, Pentopia pen stylus (will fit in the Pro's stylus silo), Handspring 16mb backup module (one touch backups and recoveries-the most useful module you'll ever own), a second USB HotSync cradle (one for home and one for office!-the second one will sync only, not charge), an opened package of Belkin screen protectors (approximately 8 remaining), and a Landware GoType Pro keyboard (allows keyboard data entry into the Visor-great for taking notes or adding other information into the Visor). All are in excellent condition-Visor is only 5 months old, and has always been cased and used screen protectors. Includes all original cables, manuals, CD software, etc. All in original packaging except keyboard.