Hey, i have a new (just recieved a new one as a replacement for the one that broke on me) Nokia 8290 GSM phone for sale. This phone is great, and i love it too much, but im probubly switching services so i might as well sell this phone. Its unlocked, obviously, because i can use it to recieve and make calls. Its in great conditiong (new) but the battery housing has marks on it (because they made me keep mine). This phone is great!

Introducing the Nokia 8290, the newest in Hip, a bold statement that fits your sense of style. It's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and it stands out in a crowd. With so many features packed into one sleek package, the Nokia 8290 mobile phone is well connected... connected with style.

Xpress-onTM Color Covers
Voice dialing
Less than 4 inches tall, weighs about 2.8 oz.

check it out at

www.nokia.com Nokia 8290

Comes with charger and information packet. Asking 140 OR BEST OFFER. Email me at drakion@airbridge.net