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    okay, well i know that the pre usually cost $149.99 when purchasing from sprint, but i was just wondering if you guys can help me find the cheapest pre for sale online for an upgrade?.(: thanx in advvance
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    I've heard they're priced pretty well at Amazon.
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    amazon doesnt have an upgrade option):
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    I purchased it from a dealer on ebay for $1.00 (no rebates), with a new contract. The phone was sent to me directly through Sprint, Brand New In Box and I received it the next morning. I've been trying to contact this guy again as my friend wants to do the same, but he no longer has any listings on ebay =[
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    I got mine from radio shack for $100 and no rebates. They took care of them for me.
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    I got mine for $100 for, I wouldnt recommend using them though, their customer service is TERRIBLE! I would have gladly spent $50 more dollars at the sprint store if I would of known how bad they are.
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    i just saw an add for i think wirefly for 25 bucks on a new account i believe
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    Bought mine there for 79.99$, had a problem with the power button and a replacement is on its way.

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