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    so I just saw this story over at PalmInfoCenter:

    Handango Opens Software Store for Handspring

    Can somebody fill me in on the dirty dirty gossip wrt PalmGear and Handago? Is this a case of the evil corporate monster honing in on the indie guy's turf? Or a case of a Website's failure to grow with the times? Both?

    I've got recollections of lawsuits, name calling, and general bad blood. I'm just afraid that we won't have a centralized place for nearly all Palm software, or that the centralized place will be dominated by the benjamins, (as Handango has always seemed to be to my very untrained eye).
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    Who's the indie guy in this scenario? Random musings... Handango is now the official PalmOS endorsed site. PalmGear has a horrible history of keeping their site online and their search engine functioning up to task. PalmGear stopped all external links to developers' websites since there was the potential for a vendor getting a free listing and then having a mechanism to buy the software directly. I stopped using PalmGear most of the time in search cases because of that last one (why not just use Google and find the real information from the developer). No conclusions there. Again, just random musings...
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    I still have a soft spot for PalmGear and find the site much "friendlier" than Handango. Still, they ahve a lot of problems..loads and loads of server errors and a really crappy search feature. Now I find myself using more and more or the good ole

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