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    I am in the market for:

    1.) Thinmodem or Thinmodem +. I do not currently have the service for this, so it is not a pressing priority, but I still want one!

    2.) I want a good free-standing GPS unit that I can hook to my Visor. If you do not have one for sale, maybe you can point me to a good one on-line?

    3.) RhinoSkin 3000 or similar case to hold a lot of my stuff, including (hopefully) the SiPix printer. I want something smaller than a briefcase, but bigger than the RhinoSkin 2000.

    I can pay with PayPal, or will trade for anything I have up for sale.

    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are at!
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    I have a Thinmodem dor sale for 35 shipped, e-mail at if your interested or shoot me an offer.
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    Regarding the GPS - do a search on Amazon for the Etrex by Garmin. It's the best, IMOP. You can also find connectors from the Etrex to the Visor.
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    Heberman- thanks for the info! I am looking at the Gamin eTrex Venture, and have found some great prices for it.

    Leadpaint- the Thinmodem still available? (I just sent you an e-mail).

    Still shopping for a good free ISP for the few minutes a month I would use this option- any thoughts?

    I am looking at access-4-free, and it looks OK- anyone tried it yet? (I guess this should be under 'communications')
    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are at!
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    Unless he has another one, I bought the original one he was selling. Sorry!

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